Reasons Why You Should Look to Expand Into Different Areas


You might think that running a business is difficult enough without thinking about moving into new areas as well. However, there are some very good reasons for considering taking your ideas and products to a different region.

This might be the next town along or it might be a completely different country. The main points remain the same regardless of how far away your new target market is located.3

Get Access to New Clients

Clearly one of the biggest advantages of working in a new market is that you get to access a previously untapped group of potential clients. If you are running out of leads in your home city then this will give you a huge boost and renew your sales drive.

Of course, you will want to make sure that you understand the unique challenges and rewards of each new region. You will also want to look like an expert in the local market, so you should use a postcode finder to avoid making basic errors on the letters you send out.

You might want hire someone locally in each new region as well. This will give you a degree of local insight and may gain you some valuable initial contacts as well.

Remember that each region is different in terms of demographics, culture and spending power. You can’t simply assume that what works in one place will work equally as well elsewhere too.3

Achieve Economies of Scale

For many businesses, working with a bigger target market is also a terrific way of achieving great economies of scale. If you can cover 2 or more areas at the same cost as you currently cover just 1 area then it makes sense to cast your net wider.

 It is a fantastic feeling to get new customers without having to spend more to do so. It is definitely worth looking into this matter and working out how much extra it would cost you to try a new region.

Don’t forget to take into account costs for issues such as local advertising. While you might be able to provide you product or service at the same price, you still need to let people who live there know who you are.

A lot of thought needs to go into how big a team you could need there and how hands-on you will be there. Once you have made a good job expanding into one area you should find it easier to do so elsewhere.

Find the Best Place for Your Business

It isn’t necessarily the case that the place where you first set up your business is automatically the best place for it. In fact, if you haven’t done any research to establish this fact then there is a good chance that it could thrive more elsewhere.

When you try your luck in a new market you may find out very quickly that this is the perfect place for you and your business. In this case, you will be left with the decision as to whether re-locate here or leave it as an additional area that you work in.

If you work in more than one region then this also gives you the comfort of knowing that you have different places to fall back on if business dries up in one area for one reason or another. All in all, trying out new regions can give you a better base from which to enjoy a long and successful future for your business.

As you probably aren’t an expert in the new area you will want to use of a postcode lookup system and take great care to not make any clumsy mistakes. It also definitely makes sense to visit the new area a few times and try to find out all that you can about doing business there.3

Take on a New Challenge

Has running your company become a bit boring over the years? Working in the same area and doing the same thing for year after year can eventually take its toll on your enthusiasm levels.

Because of this, the challenge of trying to expand into a different area can provide a very welcome way of feeling a buzz again.

It isn’t easy to conquer a new market and this could be exactly what you need to feel great about the business again. We all need new challenges now and then, with all of the hard work and issues that they present to us.

Don’t settle for sticking to just one area if you feel that there is a chance you could achieve more by expanding elsewhere.


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