The Importance of Environmentally Friendly Printing In Today’s Media Market


Environmentally products and services are all the rage these days; but unlike other popular business moves, this is more than a trend.  In fact, many companies have taken on the effort as a personal responsibility and this is especially true for some printing companies.  Indeed, many printing and photocopying companies have taken on the task of making their line of Doculand services as eco-friendly as possible.

But what does that really mean?

What is Environmentally Friendly Printing?

Environmentally friendly printing brings together approaches to sustainability with practical printing of paper products.  The goal, then, is to involve practice that prove to be less damaging to the environment than traditional printing practices, with an eye to the future of the industry.  Some of the practices you may find at an eco-friendly printer might include:

  • a preference for digital formats over printing whenever possible
  • the use of recycled paper
  • employing recycled printer cartridges
  • buying only soy-based ink (or whenever possible)
  • two-sided printingImage result for The Importance of Environmentally Friendly Printing In Today's Media Market

Why is Environmentally Friendly Printing Important?

Obviously, print media is not going out of style any time soon. Still, everyone is far more conscious of natural resources these days so it is important to take as much responsibility in conservation as possible.  But this more than just recycling using recycled products; printing uses a lot of energy, in general so finding a better means for distributing media means better conservation efforts.

Traditional printing, of course, uses a lot of energy.  This is not only in terms of the electric power to run a printer but also the combustion engines needed to collect lumber and the machines used to print paper.  You see where this is going.

And that energy, costs money!  So the more we can learn to cut down on traditional printing the more resources we can save, of course, the more money we can also save, in the long run.

Most importantly, though, traditional printing produces volatile organic compounds—VOCs—which are emit as gases as a result of the breakdown or production of certain chemical solids and liquids.  VOCs can cause both short and long term health issues.  Thus, developing new printers that reduce the development of VOCs help not only to improve the industry but to reduce health risks too.

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