Goals, Data and Results: Experts Weigh In on Measuring Your Content Marketing


Content marketing has become one of the most important marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. From startups to multinationals, organizations are realizing the benefits that producing and marketing high-quality content can bring.

But how do you know if your content is actually bringing results? It’s essential to measure the impact of your content marketing, and there are various ways you can go about this.

Here are some expert opinions on measuring your content marketing so you can improve your own strategy.

Work Out Why You Are Marketing with Content

The Content Marketing Institute published an excellent blog on this recently, which provided a number of tips from industry experts.

The most important thing that most of the experts agreed on was that you need to know why you are doing it. This means you will want to have specific goals. After all, if you don’t have specific goals in place, it will be very difficult to measure your success.

Another big focus with content marketing is to know what your audience wants. This was the recommendation of Deana Goldasich from Well Planned Web, LLC. Don’t just think about the metrics, and instead start off by providing content with a mission.

How will the content change people’s minds? Only then can you work out what metrics will determine the success of your content.Image result for Goals, Data and Results: Experts Weigh In on Measuring Your Content Marketing

Plan Your Content Strategy Carefully

Don’t just start publishing content without a specific plan in place. As well as working out your goals, set up a content marketing plan so that you can keep track of everything, and this will make it easier when you come to tracking your results.

One of the best strategies is to use a dedicated content marketing calendar. This can help you to plan and create your content in a team, providing your whole team with access wherever they are and ensuring that everyone is focused on achieving the same goals.

Use Multi-Channel Attribution

One of the most important factors involved is the use of multi-channel attribution. This was something highlighted by Allen Gannett from TrackMaven.

There is a need to report on business outcomes rather than just activities. Which engagement with content is leading to conversions? Multi-channel attribution helps you to work out the impact of your content, right down to individual posts.

Use Analytics Tools

Analytics tools are important for working out how effective your content is. Even a tool like Google Analytics can show you which posts are receiving the most traffic, but you will probably want to use something more powerful like BuzzSumo, as recommended by Travis Wright from CCPDigital.com.

Find out which individual piece of content lead to the most shares so you can work out which content is getting the best results, including which is leading more customers to your sales funnel

How Much Is Your Content Doing for Your Business?

These are some of the most important considerations if you want to find out how well your content marketing is working for your business. If you are not yet measuring your content marketing efforts, now is the time to start tracking the success of your content so you can optimize your strategy.

Jordan Gould works as a business consultant and deals with all aspects of business; from marketing and branding to technology whether a start-up or already established business.

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