What Countries offer the Highest Paying Dental Jobs?


With a dental degree, it is easy for a qualified dentist to apply for dental jobs throughout the world. Sometimes it could be the visa issues and entry to work in a country that could be the only stumbling block for applying for your dream job abroad. So, what are top 10 countries that pay their dentists the most?2

10. United Kingdom

Starting Salary: $57,500

Whilst starting salaries in the UK are relatively low compared to other countries in Western Europe, a dentist with more experience can expect double this salary. Demand is high for dentists in the UK, so it is expected that this salary will increase in the years to come to tempt more people into a career of becoming a dentist.

9. Singapore

Average Annual Salary: $60,500

Singapore is a very attractive place to live, mainly due to the climate and overall high standard of living. If you moved to Singapore to work in the dental industry, you will find a large number of foreigners who have moved there. Dentists tend to have more disposable income in Singapore due to the relatively low taxes that Singaporeans pay.

8.  Netherlands

Average Annual Salary: $65,500

Holland is a country which is well known for valuing their dental professionals, as the country as a whole places a lot of value on detecting and treating decay. The vast majority of Dutch dental practices consist of just one dentist. But this trend is starting to change with many larger practices opening with more dentists working together.

7. Ireland

Average Annual Salary: $66,000

Many dentists who are trained across the Irish Sea in the UK often move over to Ireland for the greater wage on offer. Ireland is particularly attractive as a dentist can run a public service, but also over private treatment aswell.

6. Sweden

Average Annual Salary: $70,000

Sweden offers an attractive proposition for many – as long as they know the Swedish language. You must be fluent in order to practice dentistry in Sweden.

5. Japan

Average Annual Salary – $71,500

Japan has an over-supply of dentists due to the attractive salary on offer, so it is a competitive space.Focussing on a niche and building up a reputation in the community could be key to success in the Land of the Rising Sun.

4. Australia

Average Annual Salary – $73,000

Dentists are well paid in Australia. Dentists are even paid greater than doctors!

3. USA

Average Annual Salary – $74,000

This depends on the state where you intend to practice. Some states encourage dentists to live and work here with attractive policies, while others don’t offer the friendliest welcome. This dental salary calculator for the US could help.

2. Norway

Average Annual Salary – $90,000

The reason for the high wage is because there are a shortage of dentists in Norway. But beware of the high tax and costly standard of living.

1. Spain

Average Annual Salary – $176,000

Bet you didn’t think Spain would come top! With the low cost of living in Spain, this is probably the most attractive place for an expat dentist to live and work in.

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