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If your school is doing its job right, then your Career Center is like a giant present box waiting to be unwrapped. For the 2 internships I have had during my college career, I have gotten both through my school’s Career Center simply using the resources they already have available. Along with that I have made countless of other connections with professionals that I would have otherwise not had the opportunity to do. I sing such praises of the Career Center that I’m sure some of my friends are tired of listening. Now I am sure some of you have a few questions about what the Career Center is and how to make use of it. Keep reading and I will answer those concerns below.

What is the Career Center?

The Career Center is where students and alumni can go to begin or advance their careers. There you should be able to do many things such as:

  • Attend mock interviews
  • Get advice on your resume
  • Attend on-campus interviews for a job
  • Attend career workshops and fairs


Why is my career important to the school?

You career gives the school many benefits, some of the most important things being: money and prestige. Companies who obtain a number of good employees will make a point to contribute to school, which includes:

  • Sponsorships
  • Donations
  • Internships

Alumni who value their education will often give back to their alma mater as well. For you that means that continuing top-notch opportunities to excel in your career and access to the free (or pre-paid with your tuition) services that many people would pay a significant amount for.

Is the Career Center worth going to as a freshman?

Absolutely! As soon as you can get access to your Career Center do it. Most students start looking for an internship their junior year, thinking they are not qualified enough as a freshman. While some internships do have the requirement that you must be junior level or higher not all do and some employers will ignore that if you interview well enough. AT&T’s Future Leaders Internship Experience is one of many programs that begin with freshmen.

If you are not ready for internship yet, the career center has plenty of other services to get you better prepared. It may be good to attend the career fair the year before to get a good idea of what it is like and to attend mock interviews to get interview experience. You can even attend luncheons with other professionals and employers to further your connections so when you do decide to apply for jobs you have connections.

My grades aren’t good enough!

A lot of students think this, but it is certainly not true. While some jobs do have GPA requirements, the majority does not. Even then, some employers will disregard the GPA requirements if you have relevant skills and experience. For those of you concerned about your grades, beef up your resume elsewhere. Play sports, volunteer, and join organizations that will give you the opportunity to be in leadership roles. Even if you do have an excellent GPA, be sure to do the same thing. More likely than not, employers will not ask for your GPA and if they do it might get you get your resume looked at but with no experience you will not go much farther.

Can’t I find a job on my own?

You can but unless you already have some great professional or family connections, it significantly harder. When you are applying to jobs through your school, you’ll have a higher chance of getting an interview than if you were using another job board, such as Indeed. Employers using your school are likely specifically looking for people from your school and may be offering opportunities that you cannot find elsewhere.

Now that you know what the Career Center is, I hope you will make use of it. In college you will have plenty of opportunities to grow as an individual. However nothing will happen with those opportunities if you do not make use of them. Take the time in college to put yourself in the best position possible before you graduate.

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