Best Tech Gifts to Give this Holiday Season


Everybody knows that guy. The guy who waits in line to get the newest iPhone.; the guy who will sell his year old laptop just to buy the next years slightly upgraded model; the guy who scours Amazon looking for the newest and coolest gadgets. These are through and through tech guys. If you have a question they have an answer and if there’s a gadget, they probably already have it. This makes gift buying incredibly hard because they’ll typically buy whatever they want, as soon as possible. If you know someone like this, there are a couple outside the box ideas you could try out this holiday season.

For the Gamer Techie

Ever since the first systems became widely accessible in the 1980s, video games have continued to become more advanced, more desirable, and somewhat more outrageous. We are now at a time when video games are being shifted from a virtual world, navigated with a controller, to virtual reality, driven by sensor and monitors. If you have a gamer in your life the ultimate gift this year would be some sort of virtual reality simulator. These can be a bit expensive however, so if that’s out of your price range, look for places that already have it set up where you can go and have a session. There are virtual haunted houses you have to escape from, boxing games, etc. With virtual reality, the gaming possibilities are endless.

For the Everyday Techie

This year is one of the first years that consumer drones are widely available and actually easy on the wallet. Go spend an afternoon at the mall or search online at for some of this years best deals on the best models. No matter what your budget is you can surely find something.

For the Sports Techie

Sports and techies don’t normally mix, let alone find a hybrid, but they exist. For these guys there are a number of cool gadgets you could get them, depending on their favorite sport. If they are a baseball fan consider getting them a baseball with built in speedometer for them to read their pitching speed. If they are more of the golfing type, there are smart golf clubs that can connect to any smart device to try and help adjust stance and grip as you play. Really, gadgets are endless if you know where to look!

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