Achieving Marketing Efficiency Through-Channel Automation is Better Left with Experts


In this post, we are going to discuss about three technical topics – channels, marketing and automation. Though it might seem to be a daunting task to pen down a concise piece about the three complex and technical concepts that has huge implications, we shall attempt it to bridge the gap and present it in a coherent but easily digestible manner even for those who has no prior knowledge on these areas.

For the purpose of lucid explanation, we shall use the analogy of a river, its distributaries and the dams that are built on those water bodies, with the topics of our interest. The analogy will give you an oversimplified picture of the correlation between the apparently uncorrelated topics we are trying to pack together. Although this packing makes complete sense in the industry, the sheer complexity might scare off the starters and therefore we request the experienced readers to ignore the technical inadequacies in the analogy and go with the main flow.


Rivers, after reaching the plains, often gets divided into many smaller rivers or water streams that covers far bigger geographical area than the main trunk alone would have managed. This results in the river ending up reaching to more number of people and nourishing their need for sweet water – often the elixir of life. Quite similarly, companies can also reach out to a greater mass of people and cover a wider market with the help of channels that takes the marketing campaigns to the next level of geographical widespread.

Just like each of the distributaries cover a unique geographical region and has a different set of relationship with the folks living on its banks, for marketing purposes the channels of a company can also be unique and exhibit different strengths in terms of their bonding and appeal to the people and demographics which they target to serve. This way, a company can successfully build a strong network and relationship with people from a far wider variety, but without much effort on their own. What they do is to leverage the strengths of their channels.


However, for the optimum outcomes dams are built on the distributaries and also on the main river sometimes, which serves as a mechanism to control the flow of water and provides opportunity for irrigation, controlled production of fishes, hydroelectricity generation, etc. This represents that best results for the entire community and all stakeholders are achieved when efforts are guided, resource utilization is monitored and outcomes are predictable.

But how to impart these qualities to channel marketing? Through-channel marketing automation it is possible to obtain the desired results. By automation, it means adding the capability of everything getting done automatically in a very controlled manner. There are software companies, just like the companies specialized in constructing dams that have developed a niche and also provided customization / consulting to other business houses. It is therefore important for companies to leverage the most from the channels through channel marketing automation. In today’s age of intense competition, automation is not something fancy but a basic requirement for survival and sustainable growth of companies.

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