7 Old-School Marketing Tactics that Will Become Obsolete by the End of 2016

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Of all the mind-bending technologies in SF movies, the Neuralyzer that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones use in the “Men in Black” movies is one of the coolest. This futuristic device uses a beam of light to erase people’s memories, making them forget that they’ve ever seen an extraterrestrial creature.  

Why am I telling you about gadget?

It’s because there are plenty of marketers, SEO Calgary entrepreneurs whose memory should be erased. They seem to be stuck in a time bubble, using marketing tactics that were effective a decade ago, and not being able to connect with their audience. They are trying to engage prospects via TV when, in fact, their audiences are watching YouTube videos on their phones.

So, let’s use the Neuralyzer and make marketers unlearn these seven old-school marketing techniques.

  • You Still Treat Television as the King of Marketing Channels

Television still plays an important role and many marketers continue to see it as the “big slice of cake”. While that might be true, there are new and even better ways to reach your audience.  Creating a YouTube channel or joining the Vine community are great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. According to one report, visitors who watch a video spend, on average, up to two minutes more on a page than those who don’t.

  • You Sound Like a Despicable Salesman

If you think that your blog needs to be spending more time telling visitors how great your products are, think again. Nowadays, when people are bombarded with messages from more than 20,000 brands every day, you need a more strategic approach.

Customers block out online marketing and sales content, but, as studies show, they respond well to informative content. That’s one of the things that makes content marketing so different from advertising – it doesn’t focus on selling, but on building relationships that can eventually lead to sales. So, instead of talking about your sales and promotions, create helpful content that addresses your audience’s pain points and educates them.

  • Cold Calling

Quick question: how many of you would actually pick the phone up if you got a call from an unknown number? And, if the person at the other side of the line would start advertising their company’s products, how many of you would listen?

Cold calling is outdated, irritating for the prospect, and inefficient. Not to mention that it makes your brand looks annoying and spammy.

  • Guest Blogging Overdose

Back in 2014, Matt Cutts declared the death of guest blogging. To be clear, guest blogging is still a relevant SEO tactic but, because people used to abuse it in the past, Google made some drastic changes. So, when Matt Cutts famously said that people who are still using guest posting should probably stop, he was referring to guest posts written for the sole purpose of getting links.

Instead of trying to publish guest posts on as many sites as possible, focus on becoming a repeat contributor on few reputable blogs that your audience reads and trusts.

  • Spamming

Long gone are the days of the Nigerian prince scheme, scams, and unsolicited spam. Today, digital marketing is more about building relationships, earning trust and adding value to people’s lives.

In other words, if you are still spending your online marketing budget on telemarketing, popups, direct mailing, and other shady marketing tactics, you should stop. Instead, focus your energy and resources on creating quality content, building your email list, good SEO practices, and delivering stellar experiences to your prospects.

  • You Don’t Focus on Building Relationships

You are only as powerful as your community, so if you ignore what your prospects want and need, you will lose your value as a trusted brand. Customers expect companies to treat them as individuals and to invest in building relationships with them.

When you focus on building relationships with your customers, you are ultimately investing in long-term customers. After all, acquiring new clients will cost you more than nurturing existing ones. It’s just smart business.

  • You Fake Reviews

It should go without saying that faking anything, whether it’s a review or a case study, it’s not a good strategy. Instead, you should focus on addressing customers’ complaints and creating a system that helps them understand how your products/services work.

Another way to get more reviews from your customers? Just ask them to do it. It’s that easy.

If you are using any of these old-school marketing tactics, it’s time to stop and rethink your strategy. Focus on creating value-added content and building lasting relationships with your customers.

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