5 free online marketing tools for improving your productivity

Online Business

1.Social media monitoring – Hootsuite


Hootsuite has been around for a number of years now but still doesn’t receive the full credit it deserves as a platform for organising and publishing social media updates in a simplistic and efficient manner. Many paid and free tools have tried to claim this territory and have failed. Hootsuite is a plus for an online marketer looking to quickly post to all the main social networks including Google+ company pages and review conversations and messages. They have a paid upgrade that allows more in-depth campaign tracking and reports.

  1. Understanding search behaviour – Google Keyword Planner

Organic search still counts a great deal for driving the majority of visits and leads to a website, even in a post penguin and panda apocalypse. Hence the need to understand your customer through how they search for key-terms remains as important as ever. Using the reports from Google’s Keyword Planner, the decision to create content to feed people’s needs based on trends becomes more transparent.

  1. Backlink analysis – Majestic SEO

Of the vast number of digital marketing tools routinely being talked about online and by word of mouth, backlink analysis checkers are arguably the most trusted out there. Due to the growing significance of links as a ranking factor this these types of tools will continue to aid the industry. Very rarely does an SEO executive not deploy a backlink report for a client within a weekly or monthly window, and for administering thus duty the likely suspect – if not Ahrefs, is Majestic SEO. Newbies have the option to explore limited backlink profile tinkering and view a snapshot of what links are point to which web pages and for the full assessment, a subscription will give the user everything they truly need.

  1. Keeping up to date with industry news – Feedly

Miss one important announcement and your client’s website could suffer. But freeing up a busy workload in digital marketing is easier said then done and keeping tabs on the latest articles about SEO, CRO and PPC is a time consuming effort. Enter Feedly, the news aggregator tool that consolidates each of your favoured news portals and publishers and packages them as a digital daily digest on web and mobile. Users can segregate their news items by category and choose to hide and reveal different items depending on what’s important to them. The app is free for now!

  1. Competitor website benchmarking

There was a time when Google AdPlanner was second to none for comparing audience size and dimension, but since its amalgamation into AdWords as the Campaign Planner a lot has changed. Many industry pros in the digital marketing sphere are using a free tool called Similar Web for their benchmarking needs. It launched in 2013 to provide users with free stats on all sites including referrers.


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